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RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: New Kid Questions

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  • aflowers@frontiernet.net
    Gentlemen, If you don t mind me jumping back into this I ll add my two cents. There s no need to toil over all of this again, but there are some newbies out
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 6, 2005
      If you don't mind me jumping back into this I'll add my two cents.
      There's no need to toil over all of this again, but there are some
      newbies out there for whom this may be valuable...

      I think I suggested in an earlier email that nobody disable ST messages
      on their RX side. That way you will never have a situation where
      someone is sending ST messages to a "ST-deaf" person on the other end.
      Joe put the multi-tone and ST messages in different columns so that the
      operator could separate them out on the screen. I remember there being
      some hesitation in even making it possible to disable the ST RX for
      exactly the potential problem Catharinus foresees. One must be careful
      what one wishes for....

      In short, I suggest that nobody disables ST messages on RX except by
      explicit mutual agreement--and remember to renable them when you are
      done! Besides, you can always ignore them on your screen when the
      birdie does come by. One can hear pretty much any ST message the
      program can decode, but it requires VERY close listening.

      Just my 2 cents :-)
      Andy K0SM/2

      Quoting Catharinus PE1AHX in JO21OS <pe1ahx@...>:

      > Russ, I respect your position on that and realize that many use the
      > Sh but
      > refer back to my first remark: Is it smart to use 2 systems
      > intermixed? I
      > may be active from W4 land again during one of my next stays - which
      > system
      > is most frequently used and do I need to count on receiving both
      > (i.e. keep
      > Sh decoding at -2 (and certainly not do like Bob at +99)?
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