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01/29/05 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Bad PS in EM45 PC this weekend = no internet = no report from there so now I m home, here you go. (Installing new PC PS on next weekend s agenda!) Good to see
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2005
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      Bad PS in EM45 PC this weekend = no internet = no report from there so
      now I'm home, here you go. (Installing new PC PS on next weekend's agenda!)

      Good to see and have report from KC5OAO. I know James is glad to be
      home for bit. I think 1st time to see K1TEO, Jeff and WA4MVI, Jim on
      in a while - glad you joined us.

      Station 2m
      WA3LTB - Tried W9RVG, heard CQ from KC5OAO
      K4DD - Heard K1JT and K8MD cq
      KC5OAO - Heard WA3LTB with W9RVG, K1JT CQ U5 amd
      K8MD CQ D12
      W9RVG - Worked K1JT, heard WA5UFH, K8MD, K1TEO, N0RQ
      and VE3FAL
      K1JT - Worked W9RVG after moon disappeared
      K2EN - Nil
      WA5UFH - Heard K8MD, WA3LTB with W9RVG, KC5OAO on tropo
      KC0HLN - Tried K1JT after hearding Joe's CQ, no luck
      K0OG - Heard K8MD CQ
      N5SIX - Heard KC5OAO with K8MD, K1JT CQ U5

      Station 6m
      K4DD - Tried WA5UFH, heard K8MD D10 and partial
      from or to N5SIX
      KG7CN - 3" ice on antennas......
      KC5OAO - Worked K8MD, tried K1JT and K9EGT (good
      pings but no joy), also heard K0AWU calling
      W0AMT and W9BLI, W9RVG calling VE3FAL, Cq's from
      W0AMT, K8ROX, N5SIX and WA5UFH
      K8MD - Worked KC5OAO, WA5UFH, K0RI, K0PB and WQ5S
      (Ran WQ5S and K0PB as double noting df's)
      W9RVG - Worked N2NRD, heard K8MD, K0AWU, WA4MVI and W1IPL
      K1JT - Worked KG4OLG, K8ROX and WB9IIV, all great signals
      KG4OLG - Worked K1JT, tried N2NRD, heard K8MD cq and with WQ5S,
      WA5UFH CQ, W9RVG strong (tropo?) and AF4O direct/local
      WA5UFH - Worked K8MD (D10 and 1206 mi) and K0RI, heared N5SIX and
      KC0HLN - Nothing heard this week
      K0OG - Tried N5SIX, heard K0RI and/or W9BLI, W9BLI CQ,
      N5SIX calling N2NRD
      N5SIX - Tried N2NRD and N9EGT, heard K1JT, K1TEO, WA4MVI,

      Hope to see many next go round - Bruce, N5SIX
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