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  • Randy Tipton
    Interesting project you were involved in and I am not surprised it was reliable. I listen to several qrp cw beacons on meteor scatter daily.WSJT will even
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2002
      Interesting project you were involved in and I am not surprised it was reliable. I listen to several qrp cw beacons on meteor scatter daily.WSJT will even display some pings not even heard. Just curious what frequency might have been used and what was the reliable range for contacts.
      W1LP has proven what MS can do on the high seas. Now to convince some of the beacon owners to convert their beacons to FSK441 or JT44.
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      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Early Experiments

      I was part of project, in the late 1980's, run by the Naval Oceans
      Systems Center (NOSC), San Diego, to use Meteor Burst technology to
      track US Naval vessels during fleet exercises. 

      The equipment was supplied by Meteor Communications Corp (MCC) in
      Kent, WA.  It consisted of a Meteor Burst Master Station located in
      Bermuda and shipboard communications units.  The shipboard units were
      transcievers mounted in carrying cases with internal batteries and
      chargers.  All control of the units was via a serial interface.

      The control computers were the Zenith PCs which were bought on
      government contract and running MSDOS.  The control programs were
      developed in C++.  The programs provided control and communications
      with the Meteor Burst transceivers, download of serial data from the
      shipboard navigation systems and control of an antenna rotator system.

      The antenna rotator system rotated a yagi antenna.  The rotator was a
      commercial TV unit from Alliance.  The normal rotator control box was
      replaced by an homebrew interface box which was controlled by a
      commercial data acquisition unit made by IBM. 

      We were able to maintain 24 hour a day contact with seven ships
      participating in the exercise for as long as 12 days.  The MCC units
      also provided a simple text messaging capability which was used for
      operational reports and coordination.

      Dennis - KG4RUL

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