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Re: [wsjtgroup] Perseids update

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  • Paul Kelley
    Very interesting Mike. Maybe the directions / distances weren t favorable for you? I found plenty of good rocks between 0100 and 0500Z last night. In the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 10, 2004
      Very interesting Mike.

      Maybe the directions / distances weren't favorable for you?
      I found plenty of good rocks between 0100 and 0500Z last
      night. In the interest of encouraging folks for tonight,
      here is a summary:

      Around 0130 I worked W8BYA on sked. He was running 50 watts
      as a test to see how easily we could do it. Very easy!

      I began calling CQ around 0200, quickly worked N9LR (20
      watts, he was checking my receiver, hi!), then WA3LTB, then
      was called by K0AWU and eventually completed. That one took
      a while to complete due to all the rocks congregating on
      1st period for some time. I was hearing a *lot* from him,
      almost every sequence for 20 minutes or so. Was called by
      KC0HLN, almost completed with him on random. Again hearing
      a lot from him but having a tough time getting rocks on the
      other period. Was also called by KB9ZTF, WA4MVI, and two
      more unidentified stations sometime prior to 0415. Would
      have easily worked ZTF and MVI if rocks had cooperated with
      HLN and myself a bit better. Meanwhile there were numerous
      other CQs and QSOs taking place, great to see so much
      random activity on 144.140! I intercepted two or three
      bursts per sequence consistently for over an hour, some for
      me and some from other folks having fun.

      Shortly thereafter, completed with KB9ZTF and KC0HLN on sked
      off of Ping Jockey.

      By comparison, I found conditions horrible on a morning
      session between 1100 and 1700Z, but did complete with
      WD4KPD on 222 and K2BLA (1305 miles) on 2 meters.

      I'm looking forward to tonight! I only hope there are as
      many rocks as last night. Just got up from a too-short nap
      and am consuming caffeine trying to get ready...

      Paul N1BUG FN55mf
      Please QSL via KS4YT

      On Tuesday 10 August 2004 01:16 pm, Mike(W5UC) &
      Kathy(K5MWH) Watson wrote:
      > Paul, what time are we talking about? Between 01Z & 03Z
      > I ran a couple of skeds on 6, with almost nothing. I
      > turned into a pumpkin arond 03Z.(Old men need their
      > beauty rest)
      > 73
      > Mike, W5UC
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