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Re: [wsjtgroup] Finally got it running

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  • Jack
    Carl, I use an IC-820 on 432 wsjt and jt44. I go into the mike connector also. You might run into a stability problem if you don t have the oven oscillator in
    Message 1 of 2 , May 19, 2002
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                  I use an IC-820 on 432 wsjt and jt44.  I go into the mike connector also. You might run into a stability problem if you don't have the oven oscillator in it. Using SSB I had no problem with this but when I used WSJT or JT44 it would drift quite a bit so I now have my signal generator being used for the oscillator. It is connected to a freq. standard so is very stable and accurate. Also, as you know if you used it for other digital modes, you should use an external fan blowing across the heat sink on the back. If you can keep the internal fan from coming on it will not drift as quickly.  These were my observations using the fore-runner  IC-820H.  I only use it for 432 now as my low band rig has 100 watts on 2m. I have made one WSJT contact on 432 but during meteor storms. Very difficult on that band. 
              Good Luck on these modes and there are many stations within your reach. I live in AZ so we are way to far for these modes.
      73,    Jack,  K1VOW
      Golden Valley, AZ     DM25vf
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      From: k0bzv
      Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 8:44 AM
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Finally got it running

      I finally got the IC-821 to like the WSJT program. I was attempting
      to use the data port on the back. The only way I could get enough
      audio was to run in the 9600 baud mode. That mode, unfortunately,
      will only TX in FM mode. I made a cable for the Tigertronics SL-1 to
      the 8-pin microphone connector in the Icom. Now the entire system
      works in SSB or FM.
      A couple of questions:
      1. Does WSJT require more receive audio? I have to run my 821 at
      about the 12 o'clock position to get the 0 db out.  Maybe a little
      more fiddling with the controls....?
      2. Should the TX signal sound like a buzz? I sure hope so!!  I get
      the buzz on TX on an external RX and also through the computer
      BTW: The IC-821 will provide power for the SL-1 and receive through
      the microphone connector. Sure cuts down on the number of wires all
      over the place.
      I am running a KAM+ TNC on the Icom's ACCY connector for normal type
      packet and APRS. When running WSJT, TURN THE KAM+ OFF!!! It makes
      some odd sounding transmissions!!!!
      Any help or comments will be appreciated. I should be fully on the
      air this evening.
      73 de Carl - K0BZV (Melbourne, FL - EL98pc)

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