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Re: [wsjtgroup] Struggling on RX with WSJT-x

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  • Jim Miller
    Sam Thanks! For some reason I had LineOUT set to 100!!!. Much better now! Thanks! jim ab3cv
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 3, 2013
      Thanks! For some reason I had LineOUT set to 100!!!. Much better now!
      jim ab3cv

      On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 9:56 PM, Sam Morgan <k5oai.sam@...> wrote:
      K3  Line Out is set to     nor  010
      K3  RF Gain is set to 1 to 3 oclock

      M-Audio Delta 44 sound card
      2 channel 16 bit, Studio Quality
      MME selected

      WSJTX slider is adjusted to where if I drew a line to the left
      it would be the same level as about 05 on the db scale
      the actual db readings are between 26db up to 30db

      I went into the actual Win 7 LEVEL setting for my Delta 44 sound card
      and set it so I got the above readings of 26db to 30db

      now if I need to adjust for a different level
      depending on my antenna, band conditions, or someones signal being to strong

      I can either change the K3's RF Gain
      or drag the WSJTX slider
      so I can maintain a 20-30db reading on the WSJTX readings
      which is where it decodes the best (so says fine manual <g>)

      gud luck

      On 8/3/2013 7:17 PM, mdgolfbum wrote:
      Version 1.1.1 r3520

      I'm struggling to find audio level settings that will produce decodes. I can see
      nice signals on the waterfall and they're all very audible in my headphones so
      S/N isn't a problem. Transmit is working fine.

      I'm using a K3 Lineout connected to an external USB soundcard which is properly
      recognized as LineIN at the PC. I've also tried the internal PC audiocard LineIn
      function. Both are properly recognized but their audio levels are much higher
      than what is expected by the program...at least that's what it seems. With the
      LineIN set to 50% I still need to put the slider on the main page to about 15%
      to keep the noise level around 30db as suggested. Should I reduce the LineIN
      level even further? I would think that LineIN levels are fairly standard. What
      level of LineIN is recommended?

      I have the K3 AGC off to minimize confusion. Is that a good start?

      I have the input set to 1 channel, 16bit, 48000hz. I have also tried it with 2
      channel, 16 bit, 48000hz. Neither seems better. Which is more appropriate?

      In the Setup menu I'm offered MME, DirectX, WASAPI and WDM-KS for the same
      device. Which interface is preferred for a Win7/64 machine? This is a 2.6Ghz
      quadcore so not lacking in performance.


      Jim ab3cv


      GB & 73
      Sam Morgan

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