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New TS-990S TechNote: SSB Audio Handling and TX Keying

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  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    A new TechNote for Kenwood s TS-990S transceiver on SSB Audio Handling and TX Keying is now available on the TS-990S Resources Page :
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2013
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      A new TechNote for Kenwood's TS-990S transceiver on "SSB Audio Handling
      and TX Keying" is now available on the "TS-990S Resources Page":


      Click on the red "TECHNOTES" button, then download TechNote # 1.

      The TechNote seeks to explain the many built-in features for setting up
      the TS-990S for SSB operation. This includes:
      ** Setting up the two TS-990S "Configurations" (Config A and Config B).

      ** Selecting audio inputs via the MIC, ACC2, USB Audio and Optical
      ports -- many combinations of audio input and TX keying method are

      ** Setting up the four DATA modes.

      ** Setting up the RX filters -- the radio contains no fewer than 144 RX
      filters (roofing, IF and AF), each one individually configurable!

      ** Setting up the TX Low/High Cut filters and the TX/RX audio equalizers
      -- an Appendix contains details of the default equalizer settings.

      ** Configuring the internally generated audio sources: Beep Tone, Voice
      Message Memory, Sidetone, Monitor and Voice Guidance System.

      ** Configuring the various ways of TX keying: VOX, DATA VOX, PTT, CAT
      command, Programmable Function Key.

      ** Setting up the SSB Marker Offset.

      TS-590S owners will find that much of the organization of the TS-990S is
      already familiar, as the two radios follow broadly the same
      architecture. The difference is one of scale: the TS-990S has many more
      configuration options, there are two receivers rather than one, and the
      menu system is much easier to use than on the TS-590S.

      The TechNote is a lengthy document containing a lot of detail. I
      couldn't have written it without the help of a willing band of peer
      reviewers who provided much critical feedback on the draft versions. In
      last name order, they were:
      " Mike Aust (WB6DJI)
      " Andy Burnett (G0HIX)
      " Don Dennis (VK3HDX)
      " Richard Drinkwater (G3ZIY)
      " Mike Gusky (K5UX)
      " John Piepers (PD4KBZ)
      " Barry Simpson (VK2BJ)
      " Sam Spiteri (KD8QES)

      Gentlemen all !

      Ian, G3NRW

      The TS-990S Resources Page:

      The TS-590S Resources Page:
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