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JTAlert 2.4.0 available for download.

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  • Laurie, VK3AMA
    This version is compatible with WSJT-X 1.1. Download link at bottom of this message. Sorry, This newsgroup is text only so the format of this email is not the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2013
      This version is compatible with WSJT-X 1.1. Download link at bottom of
      this message.

      Sorry, This newsgroup is text only so the format of this email is not
      the best.

      *Some Important Notes:*

      1. 2.4.0 is *NOT* available via the JTAlert internal update mechanism.
      This is due to changes in Wanted Alert lists handling.

      2. Existing, pre 2.4.0 Wanted Alert lists are *NOT* migrated as part of
      the upgrade.

      3. The Wanted Alert lists cannot be migrated to the new lists used by
      2.4.0 and a *log scan* will need to be done to populate the new
      lists structure. Lists for JT9, JT65, any mode and digital modes for
      any band and for individual bands are automatically updated for each
      Wanted Alert type during a log scan. If JTAlert logging is not
      enabled, then your preferred list (band and mode tracking) will need
      to be manually updated as per previous versions of JTAlert. This
      manual update only needs to be done for your preferred mode and band
      tracking type.

      *Important information regarding Wanted List changes in 2.4.0*

      1. The Alert Wanted lists tracking has been extended, with 4
      simultaneous lists being maintained, Any mode, JT65, JT9 and any
      Digital mode, with tracking by band or by any band for each of the 5
      Wanted Alert types (US State, DXCC, Continent, CQ Zone &
      Gridsquare). You cannot choose which lists are updated during a Log
      Scan, they are all updated and maintained, regardless of your
      preferred tracking requirements.

      2. You will need to do a Log Scan to create the new Wanted Lists. Visit
      each of the Wanted Alert types and set the Band and Mode tracking
      you desire for the Alert. Then run either individual scans or a scan

      <Band Mode Tracking Image>

      3. The Scan results will highlight in Green any lists that have changed
      from the current, in memory, lists. The first time run, most will
      highlight since all the lists will initially be empty.

      4. When making manual changes to the Wanted Lists (all except Grids)
      and the tracking is "by Individual Mode (JT9, JT65)", only a single
      display of check-boxes is visible, representing a single mode. A
      mode drop-down list will be visible for mode tracking and this will
      allow switching between modes for updating purposes. The displayed
      mode is remembered between JTAlert restarts. The Log Scan will
      update both JT9 & JT65 Wanted Lists regardless of which mode is
      being viewed when the scan is run.


      *From the Release Notes...*

      > New Features:
      > - Support for new dual-mode WSJT-X (ver 1.1 or later).
      > - WSJT-X operation, Wanted lists (by mode) are mode dependent (JT9
      > or JT65).
      > - Two line decoded callsigns display. "Settings->Show 2 Callsign
      > Lines" menu.
      > - Decoded Callsign mouse-hover tooltip shows all Wanted Alerts
      > that apply,
      > regardless of individual Wanted Alert enabled setting.
      > - Toggle Spots to HamSpots.net menu entry under "Alerts" menu.
      > - Restrict Log Scans to specific DXKeeper homeQTH values. Settable
      > for each
      > Wanted Alert type. See "Logging->DXLab DXKeeper->homeQTH
      > Selections" section.
      > Changes:
      > - Significant reduced log scan times, especially Wanted Grids.
      > - QSO partners Call History popup follows the TX mode of WSJT-X.
      > - JT9 Decoded Callsigns are shown using an underlined font.
      > - Band Activity Display now provides both JT9 and JT65 band counts.
      > - Decoded callsign mouse-hover tooltip now displays operating mode.
      > - JTMacros sets WSJT-X TX5 when free text sent (WSJT-X 1.1 or later).
      > - Log Scan results are shownin Green when counts have changed
      > since last run.
      > - Reduced window flicker on redraw after layout changes.
      > - JTAlert updates no longer available while JTAlert is running and
      > will
      > require a manual download and run of the setup file.
      > Fixes:
      > - WSJT-X 1.1 (JT9+JT65 operation) spots sent to HamSpots as mode
      > "JT9 JT65"
      > - WSJT-X 1.1 JT65A spots sent to SpotCollector sent as JT9
      > - Missing option to turn off receipt of text messages.

      *Visit the Ham-Apps.com <http://Ham-Apps.com> website to download the
      setup program.*

      If you encounter any problems post a message to the Ham-Apps Yahoo group
      using a subject line related to the issue.*
      Please DON'**T just reply to this email. It doesn't help users doing
      message archive searches of specific issues.

      *de Laurie, VK3AMA
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