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FW: Geomagnetic Storm on May 31-June 1

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  • john flinn w9se
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2013

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      > Subject: Geomagnetic Storm on May 31-June 1
      > Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 21:06:48 -0500
      > Space Weather News for May 31, 2013
      > http://spaceweather.com
      > GEOMAGNETIC STORM: An interplanetary shock wave (possibly a CME) hit Earth's magnetic field during the late hours of May 31st, sparking a polar geomagnetic storm. At the time of this alert, a G1-class storm is underway and solar wind conditions favor high-latitude auroras. Check http://spaceweather.com for details and updates.
      > DON'T MISS THE STORM: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms are in progress? Storm alerts are available from http://spaceweathertext.com (text) and http://spaceweatherphone.com (voice).
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