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RE: [wsjtgroup] audio levels

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  • John Lemay
    Charlie I ve cut and pasted a recent comment from Joe in which he was responding to a query I sent:- The fact is, the level really doesn t matter much unless
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      I’ve cut and pasted a recent comment from Joe in which he was responding to a query I sent:-


      “The fact is, the level really doesn't matter much unless you set it so
      low that A/D quantizing steps add another source of noise, or so high
      that signals sometimes hit the upper limit of the A/D range.

      If you have reason to want the maximum possible dynamic range, use the
      recommended level for WSJT-X. Otherwise, it's perfectly OK to set the
      audio level higher and use the on-screen slider in WSJT-X to re-center
      the "thermometer" scale.”







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      Sorry if this is a basic question.

      I have looked at the various user guides for WSPR 2.11, WSPR-X, and WSJT-X and see that the recommended audio input level for the first 2 is 0db, whilst 30db is recommended for the latter.


      My question is that although the recommendations suggest a value, what has experience shown? I get a reasonable amount of contacts but feel I could do better.


      Also again a silly question perhaps, i have used JT9-1 via WSJT-X for QSO’s before my system gave me grief, but this mode is not on WSJT 2.11. What is the favoured mode now?


      As posted previously WSJT-X will not allow me to transmit as it seems to overload the external soundcard regardless of audio method used. Always get 100% volume level unaffected by the volume slider on the Sound device control panel, however this does not modulate the rig. The soundcard and interface combination works OK with other software. I have therefore abandoned WSJT-X for the time being.


      Thanks for your time all






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