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981about QRV and random QSOs

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  • Clair Dunn
    Apr 6, 2004
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      Hi all --
      I know I'm a newbie and so will only make a general suggestion, leaving
      specifics up to those with more experience.

      Many folks log into PJ and say "QRV 6". I think it's pretty much assumed
      that they are listening at 50.260. That seems pretty well established.

      However, I think it would be a good idea if we could all agree on a
      mode. Then, when someone says they are listening on 6, we would know
      what mode to use to call CQ.

      I think coming to such an agreement would greatly increase the
      opportunities for random QSOs.

      I'm guessing that those QRVing are leaving WSJT in monitor mode. If one
      mode is agreed on for listening and for calling CQ, we will see an
      increase in random QSOs.

      Would love to have this happen. I leave it to others to make suggestions
      as to which mode would be best.

      Clair, W1CQD