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  • george g4pci
    Apr 5, 2004
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      Hi all
      with ref to which mode of WSJT is used in Europe
      up to the last few weeks  we have used JT6M  which has worked very well but since Joe came out with ver 4.6
      many of us have been working with FSK441c in a time of poor rocks  it works very well but it need something done to remove the false decode of single tone messages when this is turn off  e.g R26 etc as in Europe we do not use this
      as it always been the way here to have calls in every message  since the days of HSCW
      but until we have run FSK441C in a shower and see how it handles long strong signals  i still think that for 50Mhz  JT6M is the better mode both for MS and weak Es
      also think  for 6m we need to come to some view on what system of reports etc we use for working into the
      USA with multi hop Es this summer (both JT6M FSK441C)
      best wishes George  G4PCI
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