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9624a couple more minor suggestions

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  • peter_richmond@ymail.com
    Apr 1, 2013
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      A couple more minor niggles in relation to the log QSO file.

      Is it possible to include both the power and mode, eg. JT9-1, etc into the proforma? I can insert the power manually before I save the log. I am usually not quick enough to check out a name on QRZ during the QSO although I notice many do putting it back to you on their final TX with 73s which is neat but I'm a bit slow. I prefer to include it on the eQSL or reference my QRZ page

      Just for completeness I would appreciate end time too as well as start time?

      All this would save me having to write it down on paper prior to adding it when I upload the data file into my DXlab logger.

      All that said, this mode is beginning to be very good, I think…and clearly increasingly popular. Well done guys,

      Peter M0HBL