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9421Re: [wsjtgroup] Jt 65 ...its become impossible to make a contact !

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  • n8wac
    Feb 12, 2013
      I have been active on JT65 for a little over 1 year. My opinion is yes, at times 5 watts is ok. But contacts with this power setting depends on antennas, conditions, band and a number of other factors. This past winter I have found that I could not make contacts on 160 mtrs and 40 mtrs with minimum power. I had to increase the power quit a bit in order to make the contact. Maybe I'm wrong by increasing power. But if I'm hearing Europe on 160 meters and I can't work them using minimum power with a full wave loop my only option would be to increase power.

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      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Jt 65 ...its become impossible to make a contact !

      Hi the group

      I used jt65hf since two years in hf and was very huppy to work 48 us states...but since some fews months its become impossible to work any us stations with only 5 w...this morning i was on 80 and listened some us but some oms abuse with power and even call without rx...
      I used sdrflex too ots was funny with 5 w ...but now some says they used 30/40 or more watts...please om power is not necessery to add any station in your log. Interest of this mode is running little power not play with 100 w...back in rtty for used 100 w.

      Thank reading my post

      73 Eric

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