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9372CQ Frequency on 144 mhz for FSK441

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  • w4rl@bellsouth.net
    Dec 19, 2012
      Hi Fellas,

      Robert W4RL here in Pensacola FL EM60jm. I'm a nugget with software assisted meteor scatter as my MS activity was done the old fashioned way back in the 70's on two meters. Tell me what is/are the cq (random) calling frequency(ies) on 144 mhz for FSK441, assuming that mode is the best/most popular.

      I would certainly appreciate some Elmering as I find the 'point and mash' to be a very intriguing way to make possible exchanges via the rocks.

      Of note: I've heard rumors via questionable sources that this Friday is really going to be one 'Whoa Nellie' Fireball Day for all time. <grin>

      73 es tnx de rob w4rl
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