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9360RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: 1500Hz and the JT9-10 mode

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  • K. D. Sarchet
    Dec 14, 2012
      Thanks Rein,

      I was looking at the DF from the JT65 standpoint. If the DF is set to 0 (zero), the sync tone is 1270.5 Hz (DF = sync freq - 1270.5), similar to your WSJT example of DF = sync freq - 1278. Also, since the visual interface of WSJTX is borrowed from WSJT I assumed too much about the horizontal scale on the graph window. DF in WSJT vs actual sync tone frequency in WSJTX.

      73 de WY5R - KD

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      Hi All,

      JT9 is as WSJT and as WSPR.

      A dial frequency is used ( this is the suppressed carrier frequency of a SSB signal, the WSJTxxx signal
      Then there is a range of audio frequencies to be used the modulate the SSB suppressed carrier.

      In WSJT, a "DF" frequency is used : DF = ( sync. freq - 1278 Hz. ) DF can be pos. and negative.

      In WSPR the "DF" frequency can be selected between 1400 and 1600 Hz

      In JT9-zz there is not really a "DF" defined but the principle is the same.

      Dial frequency and a minimal mod frequency for a transmission are used. ( 1000 - 1600 Hz )

      7039 Dial frequency, frequency selected = 1350 Hz ( for example )

      Signal spectrum 7040.35 to 7040.35 + xx Hz, xx depends on the JT9 selected mode. ( max some 14 Hz I believe , for JT9-1 )

      See JT9 instruction manual for the exact values for XX for the different JT9 modes.

      73 Rein,W6SZ
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