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9358RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: 1500Hz and the JT9-10 mode

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  • cqdx@nifty.com
    Dec 14, 2012
    Hello KD

    Seeing is believing.
    I watched a real spectrum by SDR radio.
    "1270.5Hz" was not found.

    73, Hisami 7L4IOU

    >This leads to a question of what DF=0 actually is for the JT9-xx modes. My
    >understanding may be incorrect, which is that DF=0 is a tone frequency of
    >1270.5 Hz. So if Hisami is using 1300 Hz as his DF, that would put him at
    >1.910MHz + 1270.5Hz + 1300 Hz, or 1.912571 MHz, which puts him outside where
    >he can legally operate. Can anyone confirm this?
    >73 de WY5R - KD
    >dbcalc - http://dwestbrook.net/projects/ham/dBCalc/
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    >Of cqdx@...
    >Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 3:31 PM
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    >Subject: [wsjtgroup] Re: 1500Hz and the JT9-10 mode
    >Hello Eric and All,
    >I can QRV 160M JT9-xx at 1.910MHz
    >We have Two limitations.
    >narow band width : 1,907,500 to 1,912,500Hz
    >narow occupide band width : less than 100Hz
    >in this weekend,
    >I will calling CQ at 1.910MHz Dial + 1300Hz AF Tx-first
    >73, Hisami 7L4IOU
    >>Dear Gang:
    >>I would like to try a sked with someone on 160m using JT9-1. I have a
    >>poor antenna on 160m (HF-2V 31-ft vertical, 66 radials), so someone in
    >>Washington, Arizona, Nevada, etc, would be great for a first attempt. I am
    >>in the SF Bay area. My antenna is tuned at 1.830 MHz
    >>Eric WD6DBM
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