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9249Re: [wsjtgroup] WSJT9 Runtime Error

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  • w3sz
    Nov 16, 2012
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      Hi Larry,

      If you are referring to the posting I made on Nov7, I resolved the issue here by changing the WSJT9 operating directory from the C:\Program Files\WSJT9 directory to C:\WSJT9.

      As I type this WSJT9 is happily running using VAC 1 as input, and started up with no error with this input selected.

      I did not even need to select the VAC 1 as a default Windows device in Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices Properties/Audio !

      I was going to play with this some more over the weekend to confirm a consistent fix on several machines before posting, but since you asked, I am posting this.  Its been working well for several days, but I have only tried it on one computer.  Tomorrow I will try it on several more to see if this fix holds true.
      If it turns out when I get to test things more thoroughly tomorrow that something else is required for things to work, I will post again with the information.

      Remember that I am using XP here, so this won't necessarily apply to other Windows versions.



      On 11/16/2012 9:01 PM, w8lig wrote:

      Has anyone resolved the Runtime Error with WSJT9. I did some searching and see that it's been reported back on November 9. I just downloaded the program and I'm getting the same error messages.

      I have a Flex 5000A so I'm using VAC and I selected VAC 1 and VAC 2 for my input and output. I didn't see any responses to the earlier postings on this that had any fixes.

      Larry - W8LIG

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