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9219Re: [wsjtgroup] wsjtx on 160m

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  • KD7YZ Bob
    Nov 2, 2012
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      On Thursday (WA8EJH) sent, on a straight key:

      > Hi everyone!

      > I am interested in experimenting with the new modes available in wsjtx.
      >......... so I'd like to find out if there
      > is any activity on 160m

      There are a handful of Ops, globally it seems, who have been
      quasi-coordinating testing of WSJT-X amongst themselves. The following
      few links will take you to the most likely Places on which we see if
      anyone might be able to listen for, or reply to the JT9-x modes.

      HamSpots Chat: http://hamspots.net/wsjt/

      K3UK Skeds Chat: http://www.obriensweb.com/sked/index.php?board=digitalradio

      ON4KST Low Band Chat:
      ........ON4KST you will arrive on Index page; Select Low-Band/VLF

      Ping-Jockey JT65 Terrestrial:
      Sometimes you end up on the M/S page. Select Upper-right, JT65A:

      The latter one although higher-volume sometimes, I find quite annoying to
      try and type on. It has the propensity to all-of-a-sudden place your
      cursor/pointer at the bottom of the line-by-line display of incremental

      I, for one, am unable to stare at a monitor and also type on keyboard.
      Also it's possible to hit the backspace key and have your last Post
      entered into the Add-comments text-box as well as to resend that.

      There is a lot of activity actually ON the WSJT/JT65 frequencies. There
      is likewise a LOT of coordination going on nearly 24 hours a day and
      somebody to aim a CQ at. Most enjoyable indeed!

      > Is there any consensus about frequencies?

      That is going to be a good one for argument. Any settling on one is well
      above my Clearance-Level.

      On 160m last night, I was crashed upon by some JT65hf users thus
      rendering the entire spectrum I saw totally useless to some very weak
      (due to propagation) stations I was trying to QSO via JT9-1 at the time.

      Other Bands and I have been phased-out by both RTTY, WeFax and PSK who,
      at the time, had either incredible High-Power Ant/Amp or a
      Super-Propagation-Event going.

      Bob KD7YZ
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