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9201Re: [wsjtgroup] ISCAT-A Beacon 144.396MHz

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  • Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF]
    Oct 22, 2012
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      Den 22-10-2012 15:52, Lance Collister, W7GJ skrev:
      > Hi Andy,
      > You are to be commended for your ingenuity in developing a beacon using the new, more
      > sensitive technology! As you may know, on 6m, we have a particularly pressing need
      > for more sensitive beacons, since many of the QRO analog video "indicators" are going
      > off the air. With your setup, is it possible to develop a beacon that sends JT65A
      > for one 50 seconds and CW for 50 seconds in the alternate minute? Do you have
      > circuit boards available for your beacons? MNI TNX and VY 73, Lance
      > On 10/22/2012 11:48 AM, AC TALBOT wrote:
      >> Now have a PIC + LMX2470 Fract-N synthesizer based source generating ISCAT mode.
      >> At the moment there is a QRP beacon running from IO90IV using this mode. Power
      >> 400mW to crossed dipoles in the loft. The frequency of the lowest ISCAT-A tone is
      >> 144.396 so use a "dial reading" of 144.395MHz SSB to get the correct tones out.
      >> The transmission consists of an 18 character message (including the @ starting
      >> symbol) and is repeated 25 times. It fills then 30s slots which are approximately
      >> aligned to the :00 and :30 seconds. Timing is free running as I don't think ISCAT
      >> is a critically timed mode in the same way as JTxx is. There is a burst of
      >> approx 2 seconds of tone zero at the end of each transmission slot.
      >> Its on at the moment...
      >> Andy G4JNT
      There is a Next Generation Beacon platform that can do most of the
      digital modes available today. The platform can do "any" CW, FSK and PSK
      you may wish and mixed too.


      The full S/W will be released under GNU no later than next week.

      OZ7IGY uses the new platform on 2 m and 6 m for some time now and will
      be installed on normal QTH no later than next week. Right now OZ7IGY
      runs JT65C2, CW ID (call and locator) and carrier in a 1 min cycle
      locked to GPS in both time and frequency.

      Complete units, boards or partial kits are available.

      Vy 73 de OZ1PIF/5Q2M, Peter

      ** Genius is one per cent inspiration, **
      ** and ninety-nine per cent **
      ** perspiration. **
      ** -- Thomas A. Edison **
      email: peter(no-spam filler)@...
      Ph. +45 4619 3239
      Peter Frenning
      Ternevej 23
      DK-4130 Viby Sj.
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