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9195ISCAT-A Beacon 144.396MHz

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    Oct 22, 2012
      Now have a PIC + LMX2470 Fract-N synthesizer based source generating ISCAT mode.
      At the moment there is a QRP beacon running from IO90IV using this mode.   Power 400mW to crossed dipoles in the loft.   The frequency of the lowest ISCAT-A tone is 144.396 so use a "dial reading" of 144.395MHz SSB to get the correct tones out.
      The transmission consists of an 18 character message (including the @ starting symbol) and is repeated 25 times.  It fills then 30s slots which are approximately aligned to the :00 and :30 seconds.  Timing is free running as I don't think ISCAT is a critically timed mode in the same way as JTxx is.  There is a  burst of approx 2 seconds of tone zero at the end of each transmission slot.
      Its on at the moment...
      Andy G4JNT
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