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9017Re: [wsjtgroup] KVASD_95 for ARM linux

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  • Joe Taylor
    Jun 25, 2012
      Hi Kristoff,

      ON1ARF wrote:

      > I'm currently experimenting with wsjt on a pandaboard running ubuntu/ARM.
      > When enabling "deep decode", I get an error on the console saying
      > "KVASD_95 not found" (quit normal as the libraries provided as i386).
      > Is there any way to provide an ARM version of these applications? I
      > don't know who has the source-code for these, but it would be nice if
      > somebody would cross-compile them for the ARM platform.
      > This application could then run other ARM based systems too (e.g. like
      > the Ras Pi). :-)

      As you probably know, KVASD is a soft-decision decoder for the Reed
      Solomon (63,12) code using six-bit symbols. It uses a petented
      algorithm (see the note at bottom of this WSJT web page

      In principle there's no reason it could not be compiled for the ARM
      processor. Evidently there is not much demand; I have never before seen
      such a request. I do not have an ARM-based machine on which to do the
      compile. It's not clear that the Raspberry Pi has enough "horsepower"
      to make it a useful platform for the JT65 mode.

      -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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