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8891RE: [wsjtgroup] West Mountain Radio products

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  • Benedikt Sveinsson
    Mar 1, 2012

      IMHO – I can recommend Signalink USB. I have used that with a Kenwood TS-570/TS-2000 – but now I have a K3 so I don’t need any interface.


      I tried out Rigblaster PRO – and the only thing it will do is take the DTR pin and key the radio – it does not have a built in soundcard, no usb, and if you are using a laptop you then still need a serial port to key the radio. I have not used any other products from them, but I was very surprised that they did not have a built in USB FTDI chip – rather they supply just a USB dongle that I found out to be low quality.


      Signalink does this in a different way, it comes up as a second soundcard, that you can tie directly to WSJT. It then uses a VOX feature to key the radio. Only thing you must do is to order the correct cable for your radio and a pre-wired header that you insert into the Signalink – then you are good to go. (I would recommend DXEngineering)


      I have used this setup on EME and HF with great success.


      73, Benni TF3CY


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      Does anyone have any experience with the Rigblaster radio interfaces?
      1. Rigblaster Pro
      2. Rigblaster Advantage
      3. Rigblaster Plus II

      I am new to all this and want to buy an interface that works well with the least setup problems.

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