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887Re: [wsjtgroup] callsign.txt

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  • Lee Scott - AA1YN
    Mar 1, 2004
      At 12:52 PM 3/1/2004 -0500, you wrote:
      >THanks to Tip, WA5UFH for his reply abt. callsign.txt. I was trying to
      >use it correctly. However, I don't remember where I got the file from.
      >So I tried a search and came up with this URL
      >I used this to create a text tile which I then copied into my WSJT
      >directory and all is now well. There are a number of places where one
      >may pick up this file, and apparentlly I managed to get one that didn't
      >Also, I note that a number of active WSJT folks are NOT in the file.
      >You can insinuate yourself into the file at


      You might be better of using this link:

      http://www.aa1yn.com/wsjt as it has the most complete WSJT callsign.txt
      file. The WSJT database needs to be incorporated into the VHF database as
      was my original intent but I do want to keep the WSJT section of my website
      intact. I was hoping to do it this last summer but other
      projects/responsibilities got in the way. When I do finally incorporate
      both, it should be seamless if you use the WSJT section. The Pingjockey
      site still has the correct link so this is the best place to remember where
      to find it.

      Best of luck with he meteors.
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