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8867FS: Johnson Thunderbolt 6N2 dual band 600w amp

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  • Bill Dzurilla
    Feb 8, 2012
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      The Thunderbolt 6N2 is still available, last chance before Orlando.

      73, Bill NZ5N

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      Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 11:50 AM
      Subject: FS: Johnson Thunderbolt 6N2 dual band 600w amp

      With reluctance, I have decided to sell my Johnson 6N2 Thunderbolt
      dual band amp, which puts out over 600 watts on both 6 meters and 2
      meters with less than 5 watts of drive, for $875.  If you want to put
      out a big signal on both 6 and 2, this is by far the cheapest "watts per dollar" way to go.  The amp uses a pair of new 4CX250s, it is over 50 years old; only about 200 were made.  You occasionally see one of these for
      sale in the used market, but most have a blown bandswitch and only work, if at all,
      on one of the two bands.

      See http://qsl.net/nz5n/6n2-1.JPG for a photo (external SWR meter not included)

      There are some pros and cons to this amp:

      PROS: high power on both 6 and 2 meters for relatively low price; pride and nostalgia of having rare, historic amp.

      CONS: it is very heavy, a boat anchor in the true sense of the word (100 lbs.); may be difficult to find replacement parts.

      I had wanted one of these amps since I was a teenager and could not resist when this one became available.  Tested it and got 800 watts out on both bands, but probably better not to push it and keep the output down to 600 watts or so.  My plan was to use it as a backup to my more modern amps.  But it is just sitting there taking up too much space, so it should go to someone who can use it.

      The amp looks good for its age, although there are some scratches and chipped paint off the edges. It has new HV caps, a soft start for the HV, and solid state rectifiers in place of the original tube rectifiers.  The 4CX250s are almost new, and the amp comes with 6 spare regulator tubes and an external Dow Key relay for T/R switching. 

      Feel free to contact me for more info.  You can pick up in south Florida or meet me at the Orlando hamfest.  Shipping is theoretically possible but expensive and perhaps risky.

      73, Bill NZ5N

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