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8840Re: [wsjtgroup] JT65HF Quit Decoding

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  • Jim Brown
    Jan 2, 2012
      On 1/1/2012 8:11 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
      > In attempting to fix the problem, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the
      > software and rebooted Windows.

      Thanks for the responses. After tearing my hair for most of the evening
      trying to figure out what cockpit error might have caused this, I
      finally found it. I'm using a K3, and the button used to switch digital
      modes with a "long push" is used with a "tap" to turn AFX on and off.
      When setting the mode to AFSK to work that DX spot, I had accidentally
      turned AFX on. I turned it off and the decoder started working again.

      One other VERY important thing I've learned is that with a lot of QRN
      (this was on 160M), narrowing the IF bandwidth and centering it on my TX
      offset can help decode weaker signals. This is not surprising --
      computer sound cards are notoriously non-linear and most have far less
      dynamic range than the better ham rigs, so impulse noise can easily push
      them well into clip. When I asked Joe Taylor about narrowing the IF to
      improve S/N, he emphasized issues with phase shift in the IF filters as
      potentially hurting decode, and that the filtering in the sound card was
      doing that with his decode algorithms. At the time (in Q&A at his
      lecture in Visalia), I didn't think to raise the sound card
      non-linearity issue, and my 50 years in pro audio causes me to strongly
      agree with him on the issue of phase shift. But taking the shortcomings
      of sound cards into account, I'm suggesting that since most phase shift
      with good filters occurs at the skirts, narrowing the bandwidth to
      something like 500 Hz for JT65 could be a good thing for a 200 Hz
      bandwidth JT65 signal, both to improve S/N and to minimize QRM from a
      strong signal with a different offset.

      Thoughts? Experience?

      73, Jim K9YC
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