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8835JT65HF Quit Decoding

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  • Jim Brown
    Jan 1, 2012
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      I've used JT65HF off and on for perhaps 4 months, but not often, and
      only on the HF bands. A few days ago, I fired it up on 160M, and have
      made about 20 Qs. It was having occasional problems decoding signals
      that I could clearly see and hear, so this morning, I upgraded it to the
      current version. Since then, nothing decodes, and I see skewing of the
      display if I have auto correction turned on (in the setup screen). I've
      tried running with auto correction mode both on and off. Another
      potential interaction that MIGHT be involved in this failure is that I
      fired up MMTTY to try to work a DX spot (without success).

      In attempting to fix the problem, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the
      software and rebooted Windows.

      Any ideas?

      73, Jim K9YC
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