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8734DL89/DL99 for Christmas?

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  • aa7vb@aol.com
    Oct 3 6:46 PM
      I have been doing some thinking...always a dangerous thing.
      My XYL is going to be back home in Indonesia visiting family over the Christmas/New Year holiday period.  Sooooo...I am thinking a quick (?) run out to the DL89/DL89 grid line to operate for 3-4 days to catch some winter Es for the Leader Board gang and others might be a worthwhile venture.  Certainly such a trip in the summer Es would probably be more successful. However, I will not be able to do that after my move to FM04 this winter. My thoughts about a DL89/DL89 grid line trip are:
      1.  Winter Es during that week often produce good 1hop openings as well as some 2hop Es which would be required for contacts to New England and to the PacNW.
      2.  Meteor scatter QSO would be possible for a very large portion of the USA.
      3.  A portable set up on 6m with a KW and 7 elements...or even 3el's...probably hasn't been done from this area in some time, if ever, therefore, such an operation very well might score a new grid or two for many who need them for FFMA.
      Of course on the down side, we have:
      -Maybe the band wouldn't open at all and only the meteor scatter people would benefit.
      -The drug runners would put a bullet in my head.
      -My wife would put a bullet in my head because this trip would cost about $600 for fuel, eats, sleeps.
      This type of adventure easily falls within parameters for my motto "True Adventure Requires an Uncertain Outcome" therefore it makes sense to me!
      Your thoughts and suggestions please.  < k7bv@... > if you wish to send a private msg.
      Dennis K7BV