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872CO60 Sunday morning

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  • VE7DXG
    Feb 21, 2004
      VE7DXG/R will be in CO60 (maybe CO70 if WX bad) Sunday morning.
      I'll have only 144MHz with me.
      I'll try to check into the 144.240 Net at 8AM if I hear it.
      Otherwise I'll be concentrating on WSJT, calling CQ on 144.140 mainly in FSK441, first period.
      If you hear me on tropo (or even if you don't) you can call on JT65B, CW or SSB, and I'll change mode.
      Also, if you hear me calling someone else feel free to jump in, QRM has never been a problem up in North.
      QRV from about 7AM to 10-11AM local time.
      Please post on www.pingjockey.net if you hear me, though I'll have no internet access on site.
      Gabor, VE7DXG