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86902/14/04 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Feb 20, 2004
      Had two to comment and also saw some reports and rrr's without attached
      call or suffix. Please remember to add to the normal ST's. See some
      are using the 'de' added to BC and it seems to help knowing who is heard
      and who is being called. Good to see Rick, AK3E and Dick, W5AK on
      again. Also 1st reports from several hearing Al, XE1AT on 2m.

      Station 2m
      W5SNX - Worked WA5UFH and AK3E, tried KC5OAO
      KC5OAO - Worked WA8CLT and heard W5SNX, NJ0U and XE2AT
      WA5UFH - Worked W5SNX and heard KC5OAO, XE1AT and WB2FKO
      AK3E - Worked W5SNX
      WB2FKO - Nil on 2m in NM (hang in there Mike!)
      K0OG - Also nil - looking at antenna options

      Station 6m
      W5SNX - Worked AK3E, heard K8ROX (CQ and trying to raise KC5OAO
      also heard WA5UFH calling K9SQL and reports to K0OG
      KC5OAO - Worked WN4M, K8ROX and K9SQL and heard AK3E, NJ0U
      WA5UFH, K0OG and tried W5SNX
      WN4N - Worked KC5OAO, WA5UFH and AK3E, tried W5SNX and K8ROX
      WA5UFH - Worked WN4M, tried K9SQL and K0OG and also heard W5SNX,
      K8ROX, KC5OAO, KE7NR, NJ0U and W5AK
      AK3E - Worked W5SNX, WN4M and heard K8ROX and KC5OAO
      K9SQL - Worked KC5OAO and heard K8ROX tropo, WN4M and NJ0U
      W0OG - Worked WA5UFH
      N5SIX/4- Nice eyeball qso with Chuck, AF4O at Dixiefest in Memphis
      and had great time! Had mobile in monitor last 15 minutes
      and snagged KC5OAO, K9SQL, W5SNX, WA5UFH, AK3E CQ U5 and
      pretty sure one from K0OG working Tip

      See all in the AM! TNX all for the reports - Bruce, N5SIX