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  • Bill Heinzinger
    Aug 17, 2011
      I'm a DXer, Contester, and hopefully, a weak signal JT users.

      I've been using JT65-hf for a while. It works fine.
      It works normally in both transmit and receive.

      I can make WSJT VERSION 7 work ok
      In both receive and transmit.

      I can't make WSJT version 9 Beta work

      I wish to run ISCAT.
      It will transmit, but not receive.
      And as soon as it finishes transmitting, the BETA crashes.

      Exact same set of ptt and virtual audio cable setup.

      I'm running a Flex5K (best receiver I've ever owned)
      It uses Virtual Com ports and Virtual Audio Cables.

      The EXACT same com port and VAC settings as in Version 7 and JT65-hf.
      But it does not want to receive in the BETA version.
      I especially was hoping to use the ISCAT mode for 6 meter weak signal.

      I'm suspicious it's some sort of settings problem because of the crash when going to receive mode after a CQ (or any transmission).
      And of course I am NOT running any other programs that would conflict with the BETA at the same time.