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825Re: [wsjtgroup] more on Time Keeping ?

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  • Mike Hasselbeck
    Jan 20, 2004
      > using NMEAtime with this to keep my laptop time right. The problem is,
      > there is a difference between the two times. This difference is a
      > second! This second difference remains constant.

      Andy - this is essentially what I have seen using the GPS and NMEATime, but
      the fix ix pretty easy. Open NMEATime Properties -> Configure GPS. There is
      a window there that says "GPS set time fix-up delay". If your PC clock is
      reproducibly slow relative to an accurate reference by say 1 second, put 1000
      ms in that window. You can fine tune this to the nearest millisecond, but I
      found my eye is only good to about 100 ms! This will be plenty accurate
      enough for the JT modes of WSJT.

      If that doesn't work, there is probably something wrong with the way NMEATime
      is talking to your PC. On my older machine with minimal RAM, I sometimes
      find I cannot get NMEATime to set the PC clock if WSJT is already running,
      ie. busy doing decodes. I just have to remember to start NMEATime and have
      it update the PC clock before commencing a WSJT run. If that still doesn't
      work, contact Monte at Visual GPS and ask for help (you'll probably need to
      purchase the program at that point!). He updates NMEATime periodically and
      the newest version might deal with your specific bug.

      The other approach is putting the appropriate Dsec delay directly into WSJT,
      but that is only in increments of 1 second; still will likely be good enough.

      Mike WB2FKO
      New Mexico, USA
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