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8213WSJT Log to ADIF conversion program

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  • TLC_Carney
    Apr 3, 2011
      WSJT log to ADIF conversion program

      Just a reminder, a program to convert your WSJT log to ADIF has been posted to
      the files section of this forum. Look in the WS2ADIF folder.

      The program is also available at:


      The WS2ADIF.zip file contains the program and a mapping file. WS2ADIF.txt is
      the install/usage instruction.

      This program will convert the WSJT.log file to the ADIF format. The ADIF file
      can then be uploaded into programs that accept ADIF as input such as LOTW, eQSL
      and most logging programs.

      I've done some simple testing with a WSJT 9 log file and the program seems to
      convert it successfully. However, it's likely you will encounter problems when
      uploading the ADIF file to another program due to the new WSJT 9 modes. You can
      add entries to the map.txt file to convert the new modes to a mode your program
      will accept. In addition, be careful when entering positive signal reports.
      These must be entered with a "+" preceding the number. Example: +07.
      If you enter a positive report without a + the program will become confused.


      Tom K6EU