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8212RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: Signal Reports

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  • K. D. Sarchet
    Apr 3, 2011
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      Thanks Steve,


      As others have said, very well put.


      You have confirmed the operating procedure that was pointed out to me several years ago when I started terrestrial JT65.  The information exchanged is the signal report.  The grid just happens to be with the call sign and part of the protocol built-in to the CQ and the answer to the CQ.  With a trailing confirmation via RRR or 73.

      Incidentally, I was curious to know who and how this process was started.   I received several direct emails on the subject and a couple of them pointed out that the procedure you outlined was originally suggested as a confirmation procedure by Ed Tilton, W1HDQ back in the early 1960’s.  Ed was the original ARRL editor for “The World Above 50MHz”.


      73 de WY5R - KD


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      Personally, I think the discussion of valid contacts is being made way too complicated.

      The ARRL Operating Manual states, "... for a valid QSO to take place, you must exchange full call signs, some piece of information, and acknowledgment. ..." It may not be the authority, but it likely summarizes what we all adher to at one time or another.

      Obviously, the MAJORITY of contacts made use a signal report as that "some piece of information". Outside of other guidance we read, learned, or whatever, we use the signal report.

      However, other specialized contact methods have developed and evolved using other "pieces of information" that better suit the needs for that communication.

      (2) EME uses OOO and RO.
      (3) WSJT meteor scatter uses report (ie, 26) or grid. For instance, WSJT QsoS in VHF contests needs the "grid". And the program setup allows the using reports or grids as the defaults.
      (4) Some contests use reports and one other piece of info.
      (4a) Some contests use reports and many other pieces of info (sweepstakes).
      (4b) Some contests (many) use NO SIG REPORT, just other info. (CQ VHF contests, ARRL VHF contests, many RTTY contests).

      If anyone wants to operate where they only accept exchange of signal reports as a valid contact, more power to you. But it means you are likely avoiding contesting. That's fine TOO, but you are missing some great opportunities for new countries, grids, states, and new friends.

      Steve, W5KI

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