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8172Re: [wsjtgroup] Where best to monitor ?

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  • Bill VanAlstyne W5WVO
    Feb 28, 2011
      Hi Don,
      WSJT modes on VHF are different than digital modes on HF, and different operating approaches are required.
      “Monitoring” for meteor scatter is like watching for a moose to cross the street in front of your house. You can wait a long time to see what you’re looking for.
      TRUTH: Almost all meteor scatter contacts are made by schedule on frequencies other than 50260 or 144240, the calling frequencies. There is little “random” operation. There is some, especially during the weekend morning activity sessions. You might hear some people calling CQ on this frequency IF they are in meteor scatter range from you (250-1,300 miles, depending on the setup on each end), and IF meteor conditions are favorable, and IF your yagi is pointed at the guys who are transmitting, and IF their yagis are pointed at you.
      Using a non-directional 6m antenna like a loop? It is very tough for a setup like this to hear anything this time of year, which is the worst time of year for meteor scatter. Pings are typically quite weak and far between. Still, you could get lucky and hear one of the stronger stations calling if he happens to be pointed at you. Using a vertical antenna? Pretty much fuhgedaboudit. Meteor scatter is horizontally polarized when propagated by specular reflection. It’s very unlikely you will ever hear anything with a vertical. Much better to put up a 10-ft homemade dipole, as high as possible, broadside to the directions of interest.
      A better approach than “monitoring” is to get on Ping Jockey (http://www.pingjockey.net/cgi-bin/pingtalk), make a real-time schedule with a station you should be able to work by virtue of your and his equipment setups and his distance from you, and then execute that schedule on the frequency of choice. Be patient. Depending on equipment and time of day, the QSO could take an hour or more during these days of very poor conditions.
      Welcome and good luck! Things will only get better through the rest of the year!
      Bill W5WVO
      From: w4dnr
      Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 20:07
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Where best to monitor ?

      I'm currently parked on 50.260 Is this the best place ?

      Don W4DNR

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