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8132A few issues with WSPR 2.11.

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  • Ross Primrose N4RP
    Feb 1, 2011
      I'm having a few minor issues with WSPR 2.11, XP Pro, Dell laptop,
      Pentium M 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, real serial port, Edirol UA-5 USB sound
      interface, Yeasu FT-817nd.

      1. Despite the docs saying you must use 48KHz sampling, when the UA-5
      was set for 48KHz, I only got one decode every half hour or so, in spite
      of having excellent looking traces on the display. Changing the sampling
      rate to 44.1KHz fixed the problem, now I'm often getting 3 or 4 decodes
      per time slot.

      2. There is a 2-10 second delay between the time the software says it's
      transmitting, and the FT-817nd actually going into transmit mode. Using
      CAT control for PTT.

      3. Band-> 2M sets dial freq to 144.488, wsprnet.org says the 2M dial
      freq should be 144.489

      73, Ross N4RP

      FCC Section 97.313(a) “At all times, an amateur station must use the minimum transmitter power necessary to carry out the desired communications.”