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795Re: [wsjtgroup] Station to station calling

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  • Bob Poortinga
    Jan 10 7:20 AM
      Bruce Brackin <bbrackin@...> writes:

      > I have a question/suggestion to the group. Would it be worthwhile to
      > add a 'de' to message #1? Several have sent reports but not sure who
      > was calling vs being called. Adding the 'de' would help much like the
      > single 26 and 2626 setting order of calls in message #2. It would
      > probably help more on 6m where b/s can be better than direct at times.
      > Would not take a second to add it for RH. I'm going to try it tomorrow.

      A great idea! I'm going to use it also. And, personally, I think that
      the report sequence 'CCCCC RR CCCCC RRRR' should be changed to:
      'CCCCC RR RR CCCCC'. That way when you get a partial message like
      '26 K9SQL' you know who is doing the sending. I suppose this could be
      confused with a partial multi-tone 'R26 K9SQL', but I'm just a noobie,
      so what do I know ;-)

      73 de
      Bob Poortinga K9SQL
      Bloomington, Indiana US
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