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779Needed grids

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  • N0PB Phil
    Jan 3, 2004
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      Hi everyone,
      I am still in process of getting things together to be able to go
      mobile/portable with WSJT on 6,2 and maybe 432.
      What I am asking now is for the most needed grids for all of you in this
      part of the world.
      I would like to keep it to an area within 250 miles or so of me for starting
      I am still unsure of the exact antenna setup at this time, but the power
      levels will be 100 watts on 6m and 100+ on 2m.. 2m will also have a SP-2000

      So look at your maps and let me know.. I will compile a most wanted list and
      go from there. I hope to be ready for test runs in a month or so.

      Happy New Year !!!
      see you on the rocks !!
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