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7755Re: WSPR 2.1 r2194

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  • Sean Gilbert, International Editor - WRTH
    Oct 5, 2010
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      Just installed r2194 and have noticed something strange. My RX noise is showing at +21dB. I can't seem to reduce it down to anywhere near 0dB.
      The previous version i was running (2.0 r1714) was fine in this respect. I have checked the settings and they are all as they should be. The input level I am using is OK for other digimode programs such as DM780 (the input level shows as 15%). I am using an external USB soundcard and running through the mic input (which as I say, was fine on v2.0), and the input level is 7 (using the Vista mic/line in properties window). I have tried reducing the level down to 3, but WSPR still shows +14 dB. I tried using the line input instead of the mic and had the same results. 
       I'm not sure what has changed in this version regarding sound input, but something has.
      Out of interest I just installed r1714 and everything is running as it should be and I have a nice 0dB rx noise level and am receiving stations that were not showing on 2194.
      Very strange, but chances are it is operator error  .
      O/S: Vista 32bit with Creative Live 24 bit USB soundcard.

      73 de
      Sean Gilbert
      G4UCJ - G4001SWL - SWLR-ZN018
      Buckingham, Bucks. IO92MA
      TXR:    IC756pro
      RX:      Racal RA1792
      ANT 1: 40-10m OCF dipole @ 10m agl
      ANT 2: Wellbrook ALA1530 @ 3m agl
      30MDG: #0464; #0463L; EPC: #008L; #015L; NDG# 0163 CDG: #150
      DMC: #016SWL; #017SWL; #990;
      PODXS 070: #139
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