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76228.140 FSK441

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  • Craig - N7OR
    Dec 31, 2003
      Good idea? Un-Official 10 meter random hour(s)?

      I had one direct response from a W4 guy. Sorry, I hit delete instead
      of reply while on Yahoomail. Sorry!

      I can not promise anything other than tonight, I will try some
      listening and possibly some CQing using FSK441 at 28.140. The best I
      can say as far as times are random different times from 0300-0800Z.

      Anyone else interested? Any EXPERIENCED guys want to give this a go?
      I am as green as they come with WSJT.

      No need to reply, just get on there tonight, if you can. I will when
      I can.

      73, N7OR CN85uj.