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7474WSJT or WinDoze error ???

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  • GD0TEP
    Jul 6, 2010
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      Hi to the group.


      While trying 6m EME last night (with Gene KL7/KB7Q), and failing due to what I think was faraday, I noticed an error within the Console window with repeated lines of KVASD_g95 errors  (see this link: http://gd0tep.com/error.jpg )


      Anyone know what it is?


      Windoze XP

      And the only other software running was a telnet client by EA6VQ, and AVG antivirus.


      I restarted the program and it didn’t come back… Sadly the sked didn’t complete, I copied a good set of calls and OOO at -26, but Gene failed to copy my repeated RO. Gene was running a single 6M7JHV and 800w and I was using the 6M11JKV with a GS35b.



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