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7466Re: [wsjtgroup] TS2000 Delay

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  • Dave Ackrill
    Jul 5, 2010
      Having had another think, and a read of what others have said, is this a
      delay built into WSJT rather than the TS2000?

      Since WSJT modes were designed for MS/EME originally surely there will
      need to be a built in delay to allow for relays and sequencers to switch
      off preamps and switch on amplifiers and rigs in the correct order?

      Is this delay actually a feature of WSJT rather than a problem just with
      the TS2000 I wonder?

      In the back of my mind now I'm trying to remember what it says in the
      manual... Some reading for lunchtime I think.

      Dave (G0DJA)
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