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  • Randy Tipton
    Dec 23, 2003
      Gene Zimmerman the guru for the World Above 50MHz has requested data
      for the March issue of QST. I will be able to give him lots of data
      relating to the contest activity level, activity per bands worked and
      grids activated which is all information he requested. (the logs provide
      a lots of information) He needs this information very early January so I
      will probably forward all to him by Jan 2 or 3rd. The deadline for
      contest logs is January 12th but if you can get it in earlier for the
      statistical data for Gene I would appreciate it!

      Also Gene has asked for information relating to (long distance contacts
      completed) using meteor scatter. If you made any contacts over 1300
      miles please forward to me or Gene for possible publishing. (if you
      already forwarded to Gene don't duplicate with me please)

      I am impressed Gene is looking to document the December NAHSMS Contest
      but FSK441 probably exceeds analog scatter now a days! <grin>