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70811-29-03 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Dec 5, 2003
      2m was poor by several reports but we seemed to have fairly good
      conditions on 6m. Glad to add AA1YN, W5SD, W0AWU and NX2Q to the
      growing list of participants reporting and/or heard. Nice to see K1JT
      on also!

      Station 2m
      VE3SCP - Heard WA3LTB b/s once - lots of antenna ice
      AA1YN - Connect but not complete with NX2Q on a CQ D3
      W5SNX - Heard and tried KM5PO and K1JT
      K4FJW - Heard CQ from NX2Q
      KM5PO - Nil
      WA3LTB - Heard and tried KM5PO and heard AF4O - good pings first 10 minutes
      and then little.
      AF4O - Not on RH - working and helping AC4VV on sked.
      WA5UFH - Heard K0AWU CQ D5, KM5PO and K4FJW
      KD5IUG - Heard one partial from WA5UFH

      Station 6m
      VE3SCP - Nothing heard
      W5SD - Heard KM5PO, W5SNX, N0PB and WA5UFH
      AA1YN - Heard W5SNX and later W1JJ calling Dick also
      W5SNX - Worked KD5IUG and W1JJ (off PJ). Heard and called AA9MY
      K4FJW - Worked KD5IUG, (AF4O - you guys finish?) and heard WA5UFH,
      W5SNX b/s,
      KM5PO and VE3SCP
      KM5PO - Worked KD5IUG and heard W5SNX, N0PB, K4FJW, WA5UFH,
      AF4O and KE7NR
      AF4O - heard K4FJW, KM5PO, W5SNX and KD5IUG b/s
      WA5UFH - Worked Ke7NR, N0PB, KD5IUG and heard W5SNX, AF4O, K4FJW and KM5PO
      (saw W8ROX but not sure if it was coming or going from Mike)
      KD5IUG - Worked W5SNX, K4FJW, KM5PO and WA5UFH, heard AF4O b/s and worked
      W8SKP on random right after RH ended.

      Bruce, KD5IUG