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7073Re: [wsjtgroup] PSK-Reporter

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  • Bob KD7YZ
    Mar 11 7:17 PM
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      Barry Garratt said the following, On 3/11/2010 4:30 PM:
      > Where ever you read that info regarding WSJT it is wrong.
      > WSJT doesn't pass decodes at all.

      I did a lot of googling ... some led ,e to a digiradio at yahoo-groups
      but I didn't want to "join" so only go bits and pieces in a "google moment".

      The point was, for me, I enjoyed that the other program was linking the
      RB stuff and the pskreporter . What I didn't enjoy, for the time being,
      was a lack of decodes, for me, at crucial moments.

      Thus, I wanted to see if it was possible to have an external app which
      worked with my wsjt7 ... it was a question I had ... not an imperative.

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