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7070RE: [wsjtgroup] PSK-Reporter

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  • Barry Garratt
    Mar 11, 2010
      Where ever you read that info regarding WSJT it is wrong.
      WSJT doesn't pass decodes at all. You need some external program to do that. At one time Joe W6CQZ - now W4CQZ - had an external program that read the WSJT decode file and sent that data to his RB servers. That program has now, as you know, been replaced with his own complete package.
      The new package will send reports to PSK Reporter. Just check the "Enable PSKR" box on the main screen.
      Barry KS7DX - VE3CDX

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      I read that it was possible to have wsjt7 pass along decodes to
      pskreporter ...

      http://pskreporter. info/pskmap. html

      ... and such outfits ... trouble is I do not know how to set that up.
      any help please?

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