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6868Re: [wsjtgroup] Working WSJT on HF

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  • Joe Taylor
    Jan 28, 2010
      Hi Bill, Tip, and all,

      > "These adjustments [centering the signal in
      > the receive passband using RIT and reducing
      > the Tolerance parameter] will help WSJT
      > decode received pings better and improve
      > your success."

      The FSK441 decoder always selects the "best" of many possible outcomes
      for the decoded message. By reducing the tolerance parameter you reduce
      the number of tested outcomes. With a marginal signal, a small
      tolerance setting means fewer competing "noise decodes" -- and therefore
      improved chances that the outcome found to be best will be the correctly
      decoded message.

      I agree with Tip that most circumstances allow one to "tag" a report
      sent to a particular station in a variety of ways, all of which can be
      valid and effective. If you keep in mind what information you're trying
      to convey, and what possible confusion you're trying to avoid, you won't
      go far wrong.

      -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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