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684RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: 10/25/03 Random Hour Summary

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  • Randy Tipton
    Nov 2, 2003
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      Joe wrote…

      >So, there IS hope with this mode


      Hello Joe and glad you were listening during the Random Hour. These activity periods are excellent opportunities for newbies to join in. Random Hours provide an abundance of signals when a few stations participate. I will listen for you and hope to see you on the Ping Jockey soon also making skeds. By the way, if your not totally familiar with the procedures I would have been listening Up 6KHz. (CQ U6 WA5UFH) So if you heard me on 50.260 I would have been listening on 50.266MHz. Good luck and welcome aboard!!!




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      I am new to WSJT modes, but copied my first solid signal from WA5UFH
      on 25 October (after several weeks of attempting to copy signals):

      152301  2.0   80  2 16    2     WA5UFH,CQ U6 W

      I was slow in attempting to call back, so called CQ a few times. 
      Apparently, my CQ was at least partially copied (the "KO0Z ????"
      mentioned below).  So, there IS hope with this mode!  Ha, ha!


      --- In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Brackin <bbrackin@b...> wrote:
      > ----------------------------------------------------
      > 10/25/2003 Random Hour Summary
      > Heard
      >                   W1IPL, W5SNX, WD4KPD, AF40 and decoded KO0Z ????
      > WW2R  - Tried N5OSK 0 no joy.  Heard WA5UFH and AA9MY.

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