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6765Re: [wsjtgroup] GB3CSB Beacon Reports

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  • Dave Ackrill
    Jan 1, 2010
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      Dave Ackrill wrote:
      > Some early results of reception reports for the new beacon here as follows

      Strangely, after the first couple of days of monitoring the beacon when
      I decoded quite a few signals from GB3CSB, the number of decodes that I
      am getting has reduced to almost zero.

      I do see the CW/tone on the odd minutes and occasional traces of the 4
      JT4g tones, but very rarely does WSJT manage to decode anything.

      There is the problem of reflections from aircraft, of course, but it is
      frustrating to see a nice strong line on the odd minute but then nothing
      decoded during the JT4g period of transmission.

      Another strange effect, as well as the 'Wrong Mode' decodes due to
      reflections, was this one
      110000 1 -28 2.5 311 90 # 0M6SQG 4O2JVL PF31 OOO 1 0
      which is obviously marked with a # but is very weird as I don't use Deep
      Search at all...

      Other people report hearing the beacon stronger, audibly, than I do, so
      it could be a combination of my location and the need to improve the
      reception side of my 23cm station I guess?

      Dave (G0DJA)
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