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6658Re: [wsjtgroup] Meteor Scatter charts

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  • Bob KD7YZ
    Dec 8 1:51 PM
      Bill W5WVO said the following, On 12/8/09 4:35 PM:
      > Hi Bob,
      > Go to http://www.pingjockey.net/cgi-bin/pingtalk .

      got it, and registered. thanks

      > Adjust the WSJT FSK441 output using the Windows sound controls in

      though the USB-Codec shows up in available ... inside WSJT when I select
      Options and then Rx or Tx, I get the same error that there is a problem
      with my Sound device ....

      Yet WSPR works fine as do numerous other interfaces to the FT-950.

      I seem to be decoding albeit garbage/random. I can adjust the Rx input
      level by adjusting the SignaLink Rx knob ... and see that level change
      in WSJT.

      Tx knob on SignaLink has no effect as the same with Windows-XP volume
      control for the selected Audio device

      The console window appearing at WSJT startup shows m the correct devices
      and did select them ... but when the 30 seconds comes up to Tx, a full
      100 watts is output and the waveform shape seems CW to me ... but you
      guys said it was modulated (in WSPR) and I am unable at present to
      verify that one as I could in WSPR by noting I was decoded elsewhere on
      the planet

      > Sending all
      > five messages is a common mistake made by WSJT newbies which unnecessarily
      > prolongs QSO attempts.

      rr thanks ...

      > I'll be happy to give you any additional help you need. I'm on Ping Jockey
      > every morning, usually starting around 1300Z or earlier in many cases.

      I'm listening starting about 120z to 1300z fr a couple hours, depending
      on Wx (here). Will run it up in about an hour after I feed, now.

      BTW, I am using Parallels to generate Windows-XP, as I am on a Mac.

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